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Current digital content production cycles have shortened from days to hours to just minutes. These leaves less time to meaningful craft content and distribute it consistently and effectively. The challenge is often what to say across channels –and combine the content and the visuals to communicate with your desired audiences in an engaging manner.

The Power of Focus

Maximize your impact with insights.

In a Technology Driven World, People Still Matter Most

Companies often categorize themselves into segments, either B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer). With the rise in digital media however, a new segment has gained attention, P2P (peer to peer) or more recently called H2H (human to human).

As marketing has now become a complex mix of traditional and digital strategies, an even more collaborative way to reach individuals has quickly emerged. It is affecting all aspects of society. Peer-to-Peer circles are gaining traction in lending, learning, fundraising and networking. It has fundamentally changed the way people connect and communicate. Businesses are not exempted from this reality. Whether it is the small start-up or a global corporation, each company must clearly articulate and show what they stand for. Then they must actively demonstrate it in how they engage with people inside and outside the firm.

A New Way of Doing Business

Marketers and business owners are realizing that businesses don’t make decisions. People do. No matter what type of industry, you deal with people. Personal connections are a must for today’s brands. Businesses do not have emotions; humans do. With the speed of the digital technologies and an inter-connected world, it’s more important than ever for an organization to show its human side.

The rapidly changing world is having a huge impact on the way businesses and consumers make purchasing decisions. Digital media and marketing can give you the opportunity for a 360 degree view of your customer in real time. Companies can now better understand and predict what their customers need and want. Creating effective P2P (or H2H) channels enables dialog. It is not just for broadcasting, but for listening, learning and sharing.

Can You Automate P2P (or H2H) Marketing?

Marketing is about building trust and relevancy. Peer-to-peer recommendations have 92% higher trust factor. An effective digital marketing platform integrates people, technology and business through which extraordinary things can happen. As a result, businesses can increase profits and directly reach target markets and influencers that were previously controlled by gatekeepers and power-brokers.

The struggle for each organization is to determine: how do we reach the individual person – and do it at scale? It is not an easy question to answer. The good news is that new technologies have opened up an abundance of new possibilities.

Communication strategies shouldn’t be complicated. They should just be genuine and simple as one-to-one conversation. They should be transparent, situational, inspiring, educational and even entertaining. Just like people, it works best when organizations are approachable and easy to interact with.

The goal is to show that there is a real person or people behind your brand or your company. Talk about what matters to your followers and target markets as individuals. When you’re reaching out and investing in them, they are much more likely to invest in you.

Leverage multiple Channels

Your Story, Across all Channels

Increase choices.

Integrate multiple channels - MarketQuest Insight


By offering your customers choices to interact with you through emerging digital media platforms you can tremendously increase opportunities to connect with them. The beauty of Digital Media channels is that they allow you reach out to acquire, retain customers, expand your brand, nurture markets and engage communities – almost instantaneously.

Every Digital Touchpoint is an Opportunity

The challenge for Digital Multichannel Marketing – email, social, mobile, and Web – is that it has never been easier yet harder at the same time to implement successfully.

It is easier in that technology requirements and cost barriers to getting your message out have never been lower. There are a greater variety of channels (or choices) for customers to engage in providing more ways that reach customers than ever before. The number and variety of channels have increased at rapid speed and — to degrees that even expert marketers could have imagined not so long ago.

It is harder as a result of having so many options available to create a consistent customer experience across all channels. The digital world is more complex, multi-dimensional and fragmented than ever with engagement solutions that are expected to be fast, personal, and interactive.

The key to making it digital media work is to create and maintain a single view of your ever-evolving customer across all channels. Establish a solid foundation; then start to build out the processes and integrate the technology to support the delivery of your message. Successful implementation requires highly-orchestrated campaigns with thoughtful targeted messages to the right audiences in a manner that your customers find meaningful and trustworthy.

The Information Consolidation Challenge

Digital channel management is a complex undertaking. If not executed properly, multiple messages that are directed toward a single customer are often undermined. If the messages and offers are not coordinated it leads to confusion not clarity. The result is an inconsistent, if not contradictory, communications effort. As a result, marketers must constantly develop and integrate clarity as one of the main objectives in developing a cohesive multichannel strategy framework.

Multichannel Customers are Profitable

The opportunity to grow revenue is quite real for companies. On average, multichannel customers spend three-to-four more than single channel customers. They are highly informed and likely to be more actively engaged in the buying process.

Additional benefits come from creating an automated, sustainable delivery platform:

  • Reduced costs-per-action
  • Higher customer conversions
  • Comprehensive customer data across the entire media mixes

All channels are not created equally. Most companies understand that their expansion is based in part on the ability to have to have an integrated strategy to create connections online. A key challenge is to determine the relative value of each channel as it relates to driving profits. The good news is that the ability to leverage newer technologies allows for better measurement across all channels to see what is working and what is not.

Multichannel marketing is essential for the growth of organizations in today’s ultra-connect culture for the simple reason that you must be where your customers can be found. And without a doubt in today’s world, they are everywhere.

Connect with your Audience

Find Your Authentic Voice

It is Time to Get Real.

Integrate multiple channels - MarketQuest Insight

It is Time to Get Real

Finding your companies or brand’s voice is a continual process. It is the foundation for building a strong brand that connects with your audience. Most importantly it is the cornerstone to any successful marketing campaign.

For most organizations, content is something that generally falls somewhere in the mist of marketing and design. It is often left to outsiders to fix because of the objectivity needed and internal struggles that many companies face in articulating their own stories and finding their voice in the market.

Your Voice is an Amazing Asset

An authentic voice is a carefully integrated blend of content, brand and tone. Prospects and customers take that “voice” and construct their sense of your organization’s identity around it. This is invaluable to any organization — as well a defined voice can create an intangible sense of who you are and what you do. The key is to be credible as the worst thing that you could do is try to sound like someone else or to be something you are not. More importantly, if your company does not create your own corporate voice – you are letting your competitors and customers define it for you. This potential asset then becomes a liability.

Is the Medium the Message?

The surge in popularity of content marketing has opened up a tremendous opportunity to get your message out, but it has also created a great deal of responsibility and anxiety for businesses to tell their own stories.

The medium plays a strategic role an organization’s voice. The voice used on your website, print materials, outbound marketing campaigns and social media should all be consistent – but the tone for each may be very different.

Voice is an adjective that describes your organization
Tone is a personality trait that you want your organization to convey

Your tone can help you stand out from competitors, communicate efficiently and effectively with your audience and share your brand’s personality. Knowing your customer, and thinking about what you want to communicate to that customer through your interactions and finding the best ways to engage them, is how to get a solid sense of your voice.

Practice Makes Perfect

Attached is a simple exercise to get you started in defining your organization’s voice. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete. It should be given to a number of people internally throughout your organization (to see what they perceive) and to a few customers, prospects and vendors (to see what they perceive).

Find Your Voice Exercise(Click to download printable PDF.)

Once the answers are complete they should be compiled to see where there is correlation and where there is disconnect. From this list, just consolidate the ones that are duplicates or similar. Then focus on the remaining words and select 3 to 5 that would best represent you organization to its stakeholders.

What emerges from this exercise can help your organization massage or reshape its content, but could contain the foundation of your most authentic, powerful voice. For many it may be a values and vision-driven exercise. Your values and vision drive what you do: but it’s through storytelling that your message finds its connection to the right people.

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